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A Quick Guide to Protecting Heels

How to Wear Heels on Grass

We all own a pair of high heels that sit in the back of our wardrobe that may have seen better days.  We think of them fondly, and are aghast at the idea of actually throwing them out, but they will sadly probably never again see the light of day.  This is because they are in bad condition – the heels may be worn down or have marks, the leather may carry the scars from that particularly enjoyable party, or the suede may never quite recovered from the time you spilt champagne on your shoes while trying to catch a glimpse of that hottie in the corner. 

 The majority of high heels cost at least the same of not more than a dress or a jacket, and while we think nothing of sending our favourite jacket to the dry cleaners, we probably won’t think twice about caring for our shoes.  In this guide we look at some of the ways to keep your high heels in tip top condition.


Ten or fifteen years ago if you’d dropped the idea of “shoe storage” casually into a conversation most people would have assumed you were a fashion loser with too much time on your hands.  Thanks to shows such as Sex In The City and reality tv, the concept of actually keeping your shoes neatly stored – either in separate boxes or in a shoe rack – rather than just shoving them in a homogenous pile is now the “done thing”.  And for good reason.  Keeping your high heels in shoeboxes, or any other storage box will protect them from fading and discolouration, from dust, and from dents and scuffmarks from other shoes. 


Cleaning your shoes, especially after a big night out, can mean extending the life of your heels by months, if not years.  It’s usually the case that we don’t even notice how much damage our high heels have taken until we take them out to use for an important event (say, a wedding or a job interview), and by that point it’s too late to really fix the issue. 

Whether your shoes are satin, leather or suede, giving them a regular examination and clean will help protect them for future use.  You can get special leather conditioning cream for your precious leather heels, while suede heels can be cleaned gently using a cloth and warm water.  Some shoe experts even suggest using an eraser to clean off any dark scuffmarks that may have appeared on your suede heels.  Satin, the most delicate of shoe materials, can be tricky and requires a soft and patient hand.  Cold water applied or dabbed with a cloth onto any dirt or stains will usually do the trick, but always avoid vigorous rubbing.

High Heel Protectors: Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

Cleaning marks, stains or dirt off after an event is all well and good, but ensuring your shoes are always fitted with heel protectors will go a long way to avoiding damage in the first place. Starlettos high heel protectors, for example, will not only protect you from falling over backwards on an uneven or soft surface such as grass, but they will help prevent damage and wear to the heels themselves.   

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