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Keeping Glamorous in Winter (USA)

Winter fashion

At the time of writing it's a warm sunny day in Sydney Australia, birthplace of Starlettos but at Christmas it's hard to ignore the fact that the whole of the Northern Hemisphere it's a very different story - withers own set of fashion dilemmas. Should you, for example, wrap yourself in woollen scarves and beanie and venture out looking a little like a sherpa, or should you brave the cold in a glamorous sleeveless dress and pretend that your goose bumps are actually just from excitement?  While both of these suggestions are a little extreme (and actually just there for comic effect), keeping stylish and warm in winter can be a challenge.

“Some Hats Are Great”

This was a comment heard recently in a department store, as two young ladies tried on a selection of woolly hats.  As they discarded quite a few options, after a lot of giggling, I realised that they were referring to the fact that some woolly hats make you look like Heidi Klum on a good day, and some just make you look like your nanna.  There are hats, such as poorboy/newsboy hats, that look good on just about everyone and can be worn with a number of outfits.  Other winter hats, such as beanies and large shapeless knitted bags will not really work with your little black dress (although they might just hide a bad hair day). Take a girlfriend or significant other along when you’re shopping to make sure you choose your winter hat wisely.

Jackets And Sweatshirts

This season has seen quite a few sweatshirts on the runways and on fabulous bodies of fabulous celebrities.  These big, floppy and genuinely boring pieces of clothing are usually paired with little else, except maybe a pair of leggings, boots and some artfully placed jewellery.  If you can get away with going out in what most people wear to bed, then more power to you.   If you’d prefer to look a little elegant when you head out for dinner and dancing then opt for this season’s other major look – the toggle coat.  This style harks back to the crazy 60’s, and actually works rather well with a hat (see above).

Thermal Underwear

Although thermal underwear can’t really be seen as a fashion accessory, it will keep you warm at night, and people will marvel at how you can get away with just a simple dress when it’s 7 degrees outside.  Your secret will be that underneath your dress you are wrapped up tight like a mummy, in layers and layers of surprisingly comfortable underclothing.   Most of it is made from cotton, so it breathes, and you should also know that it comes in a range of “grades” that cover really, frost-bite inducing weather to mild Sydney winters.  Good thermal underwear also mimics normal underwear, so you won’t feel as though you’re wearing grandpa’s vest or long johns from the 19th century (although they do look wonderfully comfortable).

Finally, if you are wearing high heels (with suitability warm stockings) then consider a pair of Starlettos heel protectors to give to extra stability and grip on those wintery nights walking down slippery lanes and cobbled streets.

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