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Invited to a Rustic Wedding? Here’s What to Wear (USA)

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A huge trend in U.S. weddings is the rustic chicvenue where brides and grooms are tying the knot amidst unexpected surroundings such as abandoned summer camps, ranches and gussied-up barns.

If you have been invited to a rustic wedding it might be a little hard to decide what to wear. You want to look like a guest while avoiding taking a tumble from the hay loft! Here are some tips on what to wear to a rustic wedding:

Dont Abandon Pretty

First and foremost dont think you have to abandon that pretty look just because the wedding is rustic. Although the setting might not be glamorous, remember the event is. Unless the invitation specifies casual wear, be prepared to look like a wedding guest but make some additional considerations to your surroundings.

Floral and Flared

An excellent choice for the rustic wedding is a floral or pretty pastel flared dress that wont be too tight when trying to sit on a hay bale or lean against a fencepost. A pretty floral has country charm, but is still feminine and pretty for a wedding setting.

A flared skirt will offer a nice length as well as moveability, so if you are caught unawares trying to navigate on difficult terrain you wont look silly.

Dont Sacrifice Fashion

Lets face it, those stilettos, or any heels for that matter, are not going to be doing you any favors if you are walking along pebbled walkways, sinky lawns or (god forbid) muddy terrain.

Think ahead and throw a pack of Starlettos in your purse. Starlettos slide easily over any slim heel and provide you with a wider bottom. This helps avoid ankle twists and most of all that dreaded lawn, or unpaved path, sinking that can lead to serious heel-related accidents. You will also avoid getting your heel jammed between barn board floors.

Your shoes will be fashionable while you maintain your balance and dignity.

Weather Wise

Any outdoor wedding requires a little pre-planning to outsmart any weather challenges that might come along. When you are shopping for your dress, take a look at some pretty cover ups such as shawls, cardigans or shrugs so you have something that will keep you warm in the chilly country air. You can even shop smart and look for a really pretty umbrella just in case there are unexpected showers or little shelter from the blazing sun.

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