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Embracing Vintage Charm for Lawn Party Elegance

Lawn Party Vintage Vintage Wedding


Bring on the vintage charm at your next outdoor spring party for a distinctly high fashion feel that will have heads turning and whispers of Whos that girl?being murmured in your wake.

Axceptionally Elegant

The classic vintage A-Line skirt brings a look that is brilliantly distinct and feminine. It is a throw back to simpler times and the style fits perfectly with this years desirable cinched waist. The movement of the A-line is sensual yet elegant, accenting all the right places as you set out to mingle.

Pencil Sharp

For a far sharper look, go with a pencil skirt. This mid-calf length, skin tight skirt marked the look of the vamp and made sitting a bit of a challenge! Sleeveless pencil-skirted dresses are chic and classy, while cap sleeves add a touch of 70s edginess. Floral pencil skirts and dresses are feminine and less threatening if you dont want top come off too ‘femme fatale’.

Grace as in Kelly

Grace Kelly was perhaps the epitome of garden style with her elegant updos, not-quite-platinum-blond hair, and distinctly feminine dresses ideal for pretty steps across perfectly manicured lawns.

To get the grace (as in Kelly) look, select Grecian style dresses similar to the off the shoulder pencil skirt or sheath dress and add an elegant silk scarf. The scarf can be tied tight at the throat or tossed casually over the shoulders in sheer fabrics. Floral patterns work well for the Grace Kelly look as do flared A-Line or fuller skirts.

50s Halter

The classic halter dress, a la Marilyn Monroe, was flaunted by iconic stars such as Liz Taylor, Brigitte Bardot and Jayne Russell. They are ideal dressed up in pretty polka dots, fresh pastels or garden inspired florals.

The halter enhances a busty look accented by the cinched waist. Although the skirt matches the A-lines full skirted style, the difference here is the iconic collar that affixes behind the nape of the neck and leaves the back bare.

Still Stilettos

No doubt you will want to finish your look with strappy sandals, and delicate stiletto heels remain key elements of spring fashion.

Avoid your heels sinking into the lawn with fashionable Starlettos for balance and grace. These elegant crystal-look high heel protectors slide over any slim heel and protect you from sinking into the lush, green lawn without ruining the look of your fashionable footwear.

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