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Suit Up Ladies - Outdoor Weddings Are All the Rage! (USA)

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The elegant outdoor wedding is all the rage for 2015, which means precarious venues filled with lawns, fields and treacherous gravel paths. It’s time to suit up and be prepared to look elegant without twisting an ankle as you try to gracefully trudge about on the lawns and pathways of the finest wedding venues across America!

Here are a few things to prepare you for an outdoor wedding:

Be Prepared to Participate:

Embracing some of this year’s trends could mean having to whack a ball in a playful game of croquet or be forced to endure penetrating sun while the bride and groom exchange vows. Think ahead and bring your own props such as a pretty parasol perfect for protection from the blazing sun or even a spot of unexpected showers. Look for a solid color if your dress is patterned and a pretty floral design if your dress is solid.

Natural Look:

Brides are embracing a natural look this year and for outdoor weddings this makes good sense for guests as well. It just takes a day with the wrong kind of weather to send your makeup south, getting all melty and smudgy. Choose makeup that will withstand tears and sweat with less obvious bright colors and a softer, prettier look that will last through even the most touching exchange of vows or humid weather.

Fancy Foot Work:

The biggest challenge of outdoor weddings and fashion is finding the right footwear. It can be a real balancing act getting across a lawn or even walking along a gravel path in those fashionable stilettos. Does that mean you have to sacrifice style for practicality? For shame for even thinking it! Just grab a set of Starlettos and pop them in your fashionable clutch. These handy little heel covers fit just about any narrow heel and will not interfere with the look of your shoes. However, they will provide a wider bottom to your heel so you aren’t suddenly sinking into the lawn as you sip your pink champagne!

Underwear Awareness:

Last but not least, a quick note on underwear. Ladies, it can be tempting to wear minimal undergarments in the heat of the summer months. However, its important to remember that with sheer fabrics proper panties and bras are a must – no matter how high the temperature! At weddings in particular, proper etiquette is paramount.

These tips will keep you fresh, elegant and pretty for your next outdoor wedding. Be prepared by ordering your Starlettos in advance, and why not keep a spare in your purse for a friend who didn’t think ahead!

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