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Nicole Ritchie Judges Myer Fashions On The Field in Autumn Carnival 2015 (AUS)

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With fashionista Nicole Ritchie selected as the international ambassador for Sydney’s Golden Slipper Day, all eyes were on the fields to see how she faired. Ritchie arrived wearing a simple Balmain dress that showed off her legs in a mini designed with a chic understated animal print in trendy charcoal grey and black. Although showing too much leg is considered a no-no at the Golden Slipper, the distinct style of her dress was undeniable.

The Winners’ Circle

Regina Thai was the winner of the Myer Fashions in the Fields Award. Ms Thai was wearing a basic frock in grey designed by Asos. She combined it with a classic wide-brimmed vintage black hat for a simple look that earned her the coveted $18,000 first prize. Ritchie said she was looking at “the spirit” of the outfit which apparently shone in the case of Ms Thai.

Strict Dress Code

Entrants for the contest must follow a strict dress code without any deviances. Some of the guidelines include the absence of cleavage and a modest below-the-knee dress length.

Another dress code that must be respected is that toes must be covered. That would explain why Nicole was the only one wearing sandals on stage. However there was a definite leaning towards stilettos which can prove treacherous on the fields and lawns at the races. Most women are happy to have a pair of Starlettos high heel protectors to keep them afloat in their fashionable narrow heels when at the races.

Common Colours

There were some common colours displayed including elegant greys, black and white as well as royal navy blues and even some interesting patterns with rich browns. One of the finalists wore a rich forest green with a hat complete with leopard skin that matched her clutch and shoes.


Criteria on which entrants are judged include the compulsory headpiece or hat, as well as style and originality of the outfit. The outfit must also reflect the season and their must be cohesion in the entire look including the dress, shoes, handbag and any accessories. Of course, clearly demonstrating knowledge of what racewear is all about is a must and they must reflect current trends. There is also an element that views the deportment and grooming of the entrant to finish off their look.

If you are attending the races, or other outdoor event, this year, Starlettos high heel covers are a must to have in your purse to prevent your heels sinking into the grassed areas, and giving you more stability on uneven surfaces.

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