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How To Take Your Look From Beach To Cocktails On The Patio (USA)

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Summer can get hectic and squeezing in all of your socializing can be a challenge. If you don’t want to miss out on fun times at the beach with the girls or cocktails on the patio with Mr Right, here are a few fashion tips to make the transition without skipping a fashionable beat:

Silky Kaftan: This year there are a lot of silky kaftans out their that not only look good as a cover up on the beach, but also work well as a chic tunic style dress. Throw some matching earrings and a pair of sexy strappy sandals into your beach bag and you are good to go when the sun starts to set.

Right Lines: By the right lines, we mean tan lines. If you are going to toss a sun dress or pretty tank in your beach bag make sure you are not going to run into a tan line malfunction. Either keep your bra straps down or avoid fashions that will show tan (or, God forbid, burn) lines.

Crochet Dress: The Bohemian look is in this year and you are going to see a lot of light weight crochet dresses. This makes a great cover up at the beach. Bring a very pretty slip along and when it comes time to share a martini at the local bar, wear your cover up crochet dress over your slip. Very pretty and quite sexy.

Think Maxi: The maxi dress is still in this summer and is the perfect breezy look following a day at the beach. You can wear it over your bikini on the way to the beach and then replace your bikini with some pretty lingerie before you put the dress on and head back to town.

Beach Bag: Instead of taking a traditional beach bag along for all of your gear, choose a fashionable oversized bag instead. Look for pretty oversized prints or elegant leather so you don’t look like you think you are on a Spring Break in Florida at the bar.

Shoes: The thing about the beach is you take your shoes off so you really can wear any shoes you want. That includes, sexy strappy stilettos, flats or wedge heels. Who will know since you will slip them off when you hit the sand! If you are going to encounter grass pop some Starlettos high heel covers into your beach bag and use them as you make your way across the lawn from the parking lot to the beach.

These tips will have you cocktail-ready without the need to rush home to change.

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