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How To Get The Most Out Of One Wedding Outfit (USA)

How to dress for an outdoor wedding Wedding USA

For many of us, being invited to more than one wedding a year can put quite a bit of strain on the old pocket book. If you are faced with more than one wedding invite this year, here are a few tips to get good use out of one dress – by switching things up a little at each wedding.

• The Dress: First you have to find a stunning solid-colored dress that is perfect for your figure. The solid color is key, as you will be using it as the canvas to switch things up at each wedding using bright colored accessories.

• The Belt: Choose a dress that will work well with a belt. Use an attention-getting, high fashion belt that will completely alter the look of your dress and pair it with fancy earrings to draw more attention to your face than your dress.

• The Scarf: Scarves are very definitely ‘in’, which means you can get away with wearing them to weddings. Depending on the weather, you can use a large scarf as a shawl or shrug, or tie it around your waist to add interest to the skirt area.

• The Necklace: Choose a large, statement necklace that will change the entire look of the top part of your dress. This can work with both high necklines and low ones. You just have to choose the necklace wisely. Pair it with matching earrings and a smashing updo and all eyes will be on you – and not the dress.

• Unusual Colors: Another trick is to pair unusual colors with your dress – colors that are unexpected. For example you might choose a silver and pink combo that even includes the way you wear your eye makeup. Look for matches in everything but the dress, so your shoes, purse, eye makeup and jewellery are all in the same color family.

• Shoes and Purse: Switch up your shoes and purse to create a different look with your dress, sans any accessories. So down-play the jewellery and up-play fancy shoes and purse combos. For outdoor weddings invest in a pair of Starlettos high heel protectors so you can avoid sinking into the lawn.

• Think Skirt: Consider choosing a really pretty skirt you can combine with a number of different tops. Using this look works well as crop shirts and skirts are in for formal occasions this year.

Do you have other ideas to get more mileage out of your dress so you look fabulous at each wedding?

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