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2017 heel fashion artfully designed for outdoor soirees

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2017 shoe fashion is a fantastic phenomenon with no holds barred. There are so many interesting styles allowing contrasts into our shoe racks - chunky and flamboyant juxtaposed with heels so slim and sleek that you could wear them as your earrings!

One of our favourite features of footwear fashion in 2017 is the funky heel designs on offer by many designers. Heel designs have exploded lead by the likes of Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. Altering heel looks and designs are increasing in popularity, a fantastic direction for fashion according to Starlettos CEO Ilde Naismith-Beeley. 

"Since we launched Starlettos almost 10 years ago, we've seen a shift in the perception of what a heel of a shoe should look like. This is so exciting for us and has a direct impact on how we bring the Starlettos brand to market. Our original campaigns were educating consumers about what is a heel protector, and is it ok that your heel can look a little different when wearing protectors. Now different heels are so common, so we focus on why you would purchase a quality heel protector that works and protects your amazing heels."

Designers are also appreciating the increasing trend in outdoor occasions as they design their heels. Miu Miu and Prada have released heels this season with built in Starlettos-style broadened bases which allows the wearer to attend polo, weddings and other outdoor soirees in style without the worry of sinking into the lawns. Of course for some of us it's not every season we can purchase the new Miu Miu range, and in this instance Ilde suggests finding a funky, stylish heel protector that will allow you to attend these events in your favourite heels.

"The attributes that are important when searching for quality heel protectors are: strength, flexibility and versatility. They must be strong enough to hold you above ground and not break, soft and flexible enough to not damage your heels and versatile enough to accommodate differing heel shapes and sizes."

Every year more people are opting to choose outdoor spaces for their special events, and this season consumers are spoilt for choice on footwear fashion. It is just one of the wonderful footwear trends of 2017, but it is the one Starlettos are most excited about. If you are attending an outdoor event this season make sure your heels are as equiped as the rest of your outfit.

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