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What We Can Learn About Footwear From The Kentucky Derby (AUS)

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They might be in a different hemisphere,  but they are not on the other side of fashion sense. When it comes to making the right footwear choices for a trip to the races, here are what the gals at the U.S.s Kentucky Derby have to share:

Fashion Sense

No self respecting fashionista would be caught dead wearing flats just because of a surface challenge. You want to go with the shoes you love and that match your outfit. Throw comfort and caution to the wind and put your best foot forward.

Fit and Fashion

Make sure your shoes are the right fit so you dont suffer from pinched toe syndrome for shoes that are too tight, or blisters because they are too loose. This is Cinderella time where correct fit plays a major role in how long your feet will last in your perfect pumps. Also avoid new shoes as you know that new shoes often equal blisters and unpleasant foot pain. If you insist on new footwear? Bring bandages!

Wedged Heels

Wedged heels are in fashion so they are a good option if you are looking for a more stable shoe to get you around all those dicey surfaces from lawn to pavement and mud to gravel. However if you still want to wear those stilettos dont despair. Use a good heel protector and stabilizer such as Starlettos to keep you from sinking into lawns and mud without interfering with the look of your shoe.

Solace from Insoles

Use some good quality insoles designed for women who put up with foot pain for the sake of fashion. You will feel like you are walking on air, or at least less like you are walking on nails. Other ideas to keep your feet more comfortable include using blister resistors designed to avoid chafing. They stick to the back of your foot to keep you comfy while you are walking across Gods green acres.

Rest for the Weary

Last but not least dont forget to take every opportunity to sit down. If there is a place at the bar, in the restaurant, and, of course, in the stands, stay seated as much as possible. This will make it easier to hit the pavement when you need to and of course to jump out of your seat when your horse is the first to cross the finish line!

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