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Tips for Having Summer Sandal Ready Feet

Outdoor fashion tips Summer sandal feet

Summer brings the perfect weather that demands smooth, sexy feet. From flip flops on the beach to sexy strapless shoes for dancing the night away, sandal-ready feet are a must from Memorial Day through to Labor Day.

Pedi Ready

If you are looking for ways to keep your feet looking gorgeous all summer long, follow these foot beauty steps:

  • Soak your tender tootsies in some nice warm water to help soften up the calluses before you work them over with your pumice stone. Skin will come off a lot easier once it is softened up. There are some handy little battery operated pumice stones available as well that make neat work of dried and cracked heels.
  • Look for a foot moisturizer designed to keep feet soft and pretty. Use this every might after you shower and pat dry your feet before applying.
  • Keep your toe nails nicely trimmed. Whether your nails are too long or too short it can lead to painful ingrown toe nails. The perfect toe nails should just graze the top of your toe.
  • Apply a base coat before applying nail color. You can also find many nail polishes that have the base included. This can save you time. Either way you want to add two coats of nail color to get a nice pure cover. A top coat will allow the color to last longer.

Pretty Toes

This summer you will want to look for these hot colors: 

  • Bright coral verging on red has an orangey tinge that is eye popping yet sophisticated
  • Seafoam green is delicate and pretty and looks lovely with a tan
  • Dainty blushing pinks are soft and sweet
  • Deep blues, especially in metallics are sophisticated and chic
  • Nudes are also sophisticated in peachy tones as well as pinkier browns
  • Teal adds a punch of color perfect for the beach
  • Lovely lilac is the ultimate in feminine grace
  • Grays are still in for a stylish neutral

Once youve got those feet of yours ready to slip into the latest summer footwear make sure you dont lose your balance in these strappy stilettos. Keep a pair of Starlettos in your purse so you can slip them over your sexy stiletto heels if you are anywhere near a lawn!

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