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Heads Up on Five Fabulous Wedding Trends

wedding trends

Image Source: NY Times 

Each year new wedding trends come into play and this year you might want to hold onto your hats! Here are five wedding trends that could take you unawares:

  1. Drones: The drone craze is hitting the wedding scene keeping guests looking up to see what all the buzz is about. Overhead wedding shots and videos are big this year so before you get ready to swat that tiresome buzzing bug take a look and see if it isn’t just a drone hovering above!
  1. Annie Git Your Guns: The Western wedding is coming on strong this year. From leather to wood you will see a very rustic look to décor and themes that were calling “Go West Young Man” to grooms who are happily passing the message on to their brides.

The good news? There will be a more relaxed vibe to weddings this year. The bad? A lot of outdoor weddings in unexpected spots with lots of grass and even mud. Better throw a pair of Starlettos in your purse to protect your precarious heels so you dont sink into the fields of folly at this years nuptials.

  1. Foodie Influences: The food station is going to be even bigger this year making the dining part of the wedding something to look forward to. From beer gardens to food wallssay bye-bye to tough steak and rubbery chicken and hello to a whole new experience at the reception hall when dinner is served.
  1. Summer of Love: What better way to exchange vows than with a hippy vibe from the summer of love? From macramé and tie dye to bare feet and wild flowers, the hippy wedding will bring back a certain innocence and whimsy that will both delight and inspire.
  1. Bridesmaid Break: The words “bridesmaid” and maid of honorcan send shivers down the spines of even the closest of friends. Visions of horrendous showers, bridezillas and of course the dreaded bridesmaids dress that can be shortened and worn againcan be cast aside thanks to apps and wedding planners. They are taking on the burdens that usually fall on the shoulders of bewildered maids of the bride making it easier for the ladies involved to focus on friendship and celebration.

Having a heads up about what to expect at weddings this year will keep you prepared for anything that comes your way!

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