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Planning a Really Fabulous Outdoor Event at a Thoroughbred Racing Track

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If you are planning a special social event from May to September and want to try something a little different, many people are discovering the benefits of horse race tracks. They provide a unique venue for corporate and social functions with outdoor opportunities ideal for the warmer months.

Here are some tips to help you plan a race track special event.

Indoor Events

If you want to play it safe, most thoroughbred race tracks have a wide variety of party rooms you can reserve for special events. You will also find there are many opportunities to rent special suites ideal for smaller parties. These suites have bars and can provide catering services ideal for special evenings from stags and wedding showers to milestone birthdays and corporate events.

You will also have an exceptional view of the track and a safer choice than outdoor areas where bad weather can ruin your plans.


Most race tracks work with a per person cost and will help you plan a menu that can range from a sit down menu with wine to something more casual, such as appetizers and drinks.

You are probably looking at a span of about three hours so it is important to arrange some form of food even if it is just something casual to munch on. The beauty is you have flexibility to arrange what suits your needs from a sophisticated, high end affair to a casual evening.

 Other Options

Thoroughbred race tracks can handle everything you need including the use of AV equipment for special presentations as well as things such as closed-circuit TVs. You have to be prepared to request all of your special requirements so a) they are available and b) you are prepared for your event.

If it is a high end event ask about having your own private mutual teller as well as specialty services such as valet parking.

Outdoor Dining

Being out and about at the race track is a high profile opportunity that allows you to hob nob with the hoi polloi so to speak. You can find out about hosting a group outdoors and the services available. You often have some fine dining options as well as casual picnic settings available.

If you are hosting be certain you don’t sacrifice fashion and dress appropriately. If you are worried about footwear on the lawn throw a pair of Starlettos in your purse and slip them over your heels to maintain balance on the field. Better still, send a pair of Starlettos with your invitation to every woman on your guest list – they’ll thank you!

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