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A Mother's Guide to Outdoor Weddings

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If your son or daughter is planning an outdoor wedding, youll want to be certain you look marvelous without feeling out of place or uncomfortable. This is especially important for outdoor weddings that can be a little tricky to navigate.

Here are some tips to help you plan your wedding outfit whether you are the mother of the bride or groom.

Time of Day

Many people do not consider the time of day when dressing for a wedding. As a mother attending the wedding you want to pay special attention to the day or night setting. Day calls for light and bright colors and fabrics, whereas the evening calls for a more sophisticated look, with more sparkle and deeper colors.

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Let the bride set the tone for what you wear, as well as colors she feels comfortable with for your dress as she might have something in mind for the purposes of the photos and even just a general color scheme or theme. 

The Venue

Outdoor weddings can vary greatly on location. Today you can wind up anywhere from a barn to a golf course, and a park to a vineyard. Consider the area you will be walking and standing and choose your footwear wisely. If you will be faced with uneven terrain and sinky lawns dont feel you have to avoid a more elegant, narrow heel. Have some Starlettos at the ready and slide them over those sexier heels so you dont sink into the lawn when you are trying to sip your champagne. (Keep a few pairs on hand for your guests too!)

Brides Wishes 

As we already mentioned, it really is common courtesy to talk to the bride about your outfit. This is a nice way to bond with the bride perhaps plan a day shopping for your dress together. It will show her you respect her wishes, but will also allow you to have a bit of input on things that you would just not feel comfortable wearing.

If shopping is not an option because you live in different cities for example, ask her for a list no nos for things that would make her uncomfortable and use this as your guide when shopping.


Last but not least moms of the bride and groom should have a get-together to discuss their outfits. This way you wont make a faux pas and choose something too similar or worse completely out of sync. 

The most important thing for moms is matching formality suited to the brides expectations to avoid conflict and disappointment.

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