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5 Must Have Accessories That Will Save You Money

The last thing you want to do is spend more money on clothes only to get less wear out of them, so with keeping that in mind there are but a few essential accessories that will have you covered for all your trendy outfits. Here are our top 5 must have accessories that will go with everything in your wardrobe.

Nude clutch

A beautifully textured nude clutch is the perfect staple item to own. Every girl needs an essential clutch that goes with everything, and a simple nude-coloured one is just the ticket. A minimal outer look means it will work for most outfits, from formal occasions to picnics in the park, while some gold, copper or silver hardware adds a touch of glamour. Look for a clutch with a detachable chain strap.

Starlettos Heel Protectors

How many times have you been out in your favourite pair of heels only to spend the rest of the day mulling over how you’ll get the green stains out of them after having sunk in grass at a party? Starlettos heel protectors will put an end to all of that! Placing a pair of these gorgeous star-shaped protectors on your heels will provide instant no-sink support and will prevent your heels from falling into pavement cracks and grooves. Easy to remove, pop them into your nude clutch when you’re on a no-risk surface, and smile at the fact you’ve just saved your favourite Louis Vuitton’s from a day’s worth of damage.  

Crisp White Shirt

There are some items that you absolutely need ready and waiting in your wardrobe. They’re the must-haves, no matter your style, and one of those is a crisp, white button-down shirt that hugs you just perfectly. It should be flattering and cut to accentuate your best features. The staple white shirt is one of the most versatile items – wear it on its own with jeans, tucked in or out, under a jumper, under a jacket, or as part of a corporate suit. Make sure that if you only have the one, though, it’s a high quality combed cotton, which will give the material a luxurious appearance.

Versatile Watch

Watches with interchangeable bands offer endless fashion options, and it helps when you’re concerned that the permanent style and colour you choose will not stand the test of time. The colour of a watch’s strap or metal is very carefully considered upon purchase to avoid clashing with regularly worn items of jewellery, so when your watch is going to be a staple item, it’s only fitting that you embrace innovative thinking and wear one with interchangeable straps rather than having five or maybe even 10 different watches in your accessories box.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets aren’t new to the fashion scene but the way you wear one this season will make all the difference in you standing out or blending in. Think outside the box and don’t just use it as part of your winter ensemble; wear it like an accessory. If it’s a bit oversized, keep it over your shoulder, tie it around your waist, or layer it over a winter outfit. It’s also a trans-seasonal piece of clothing, so you can wear it through spring, the cooler days of summer, autumn chills as well as during winter by adding more essentials.

Remember these 5 must-have accessories in your wardrobe, and you’ll see just how much money you save.

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