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Hair Accessories for Every Occasion

Spring Racing Carnival

With the Spring Racing season almost done, you may have collected a few fashion items that need to be repurposed. Dresses can easily be re-worn on a night out, and same goes for heels (or Starlettos Crystal Slippers if you were well prepared for race day tradition of taking off your heels at the end of the day!), but what about your headpiece? Knowing how to repurpose, purchase, or know which event to wear them at can be tricky, so to help you out we’ve compiled a list of 9 hair accessories for every occasion!


Hats are perfect for a day at the beachside, or a picnic in the park. Boater style hats are trending for summer - this Caribbean Hat from Petal and Pup features a summery straw style, or if you have poolside cocktails on the agenda go for something more glamorous, like the ‘Spiritwalker’ from Nerida Winter.


Scarfs are a great staple to have for garden party season. A pastel will add femininity to your look, or go for bright patterns if you want to stand out from the rest. And don’t worry, if your “pretty” knot tying skills aren’t exactly something to be desired, many come pre-tied and can just slip over your head, like this one.


Music festival season is fast approaching, and if you love to have all eyes on you, chain headpieces are unique and will certainly draw attention in all the right ways! Beautiful gypsy jewels draped from the crown of your head, what’s not to love - We’re crushing on this piece from Summerblossom.

Flower crown

If you want to add a touch of ‘wild-child’ to your festival outfit, then the ever favourite flower crown is the answer. This stunning flower crown from Mint & Melon is to die for, or if you like the look of something more colourful this one is perfect.


If you're looking for “the one” (and by that we mean the perfect headpiece), then go for a tiara! Every bride wants to feel like a princess so this is definitely the day to rock one. This tiara has a classic style, or we also love the ‘Victoria Crown’ from Olivia The Wolf for the modern bride.

Hair Comb
Hair combs are a great option if you want something that is quick to put in or adjust. They take a half-up or simple down style to the next level in one easy step. Great accessory to wear at a wedding as a guest, or even as the bride with a super dazzling piece like the Cleo Hair Comb by Patrice Designs.

Bun cover

Buns are a classic look and never go out of style for elegant events like weddings. Mix it up and add a little glamour by wearing a bun cover, like this piece from Samantha Wills!


Ok, so not like the turban you make with your towel after washing your hair, but think Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 2! A modern chic turban, with bright colours and bold patterns, will certainly give you a perfect Gatsby-esque fashion accessory look for your New Years Eve party this year!


A blast from the past; most of us can remember wearing headbands as a child, but now you can revive these beauties in style! Work Christmas parties or family gatherings, no matter the occasion headbands are a great all-rounder. Coco and Lola have this stunning metal headband which comes in either gold or silver.


Summer is the season of parties and events, and we all like to feel our most fabulous when we’re out & about. With any of these added to your outfit, you’ll be looking glam literally from head-to-toe!

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