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Natasha Archer, Personal Stylist to Kate Middleton Wore Our Starlettos at Her Own Royal Wedding!

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The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has been taking our breaths away for the past few years, not only with her charm that clearly won over a prince, but with her incredible fashion sense that leaves women wanting to replicate in their own daily lives. But of course, we all know even a princess has a little help when it comes to looking fabulous, especially when she’s in the public eye almost 24-7, and the creativeness behind Kate’s exquisite look is none other than Natasha Archer.

As the Duchess’s personal assistant and stylist, that means she is one of the most influential women in fashion, and in May Natasha got an opportunity to let her own star shine bright when she married her beau, Getty’s royal photographer Chris Jackson. They had a private ceremony in France at Chateau Rigaud, a venue in Mouliets-et-Villemartin near Bordeaux last May, but guess what? We just discovered the stylist to one of the world’s most beloved women wore our Starlettos to her own wedding! That’s right! We’re still pinching ourselves but in an amazing way. We have so much confidence in our snug fitting heel protectors, should we be surprised?! Natasha chose a classic, sleeved Jenny Packham lace wedding gown with a sweetheart neckline with a full-length white veil and white pumps – donning none other than our Starlettos.

The photographer that captured the stylist wearing our heel protectors, London-based Kirsten Mavric, snapped the most perfect moment of how Starlettos can really and truly save a beautiful bride’s wedding day – strolling with a glass of champagne in one hand, and holding the hand of a page boy along with her new husband and two flower girls across a wooden footbridge amongst luscious gardens. No awkward moments were had as Natasha, or Tash as she is known affectionately, confidently strode across the planks. That champagne remained in place, Natasha got across the romantic bridge safely, and we can imagine there was no damage to her gorgeous white pumps either as the rest of the photos we’ve been drooling over show us stunningly elated moments on the lawns of private gardens. Images of the reception give us the impression its style was bona fide romantic and rustic, and it was rumoured the Kate and Prince William didn’t attend so that the spotlight wouldn’t be taken away from the bride. Either way, we loved seeing our gorgeous Starlettos fulfilling their roles for one of fashion’s most influential individuals.

And don’t forget to snap up your own pair of Starlettos heel protectors for your wedding or garden party, where you’ll have just as much confidence as Natasha Archer holding a glass of champagne in a beautiful gown while walking across a wooden planked footbridge!



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