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Our Guide to Throwing the Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

Summer nights, delicious food, sparkling wine and pretty lights – sounds amazing right? These are just a few of the things that come to mind when we think of when entertaining in warmer weather. Without the burden of the cold confining us indoors, hotter temperatures are a great excuse to have friends and family around to utilise your garden for a dinner party. So dust off that outdoor dining table and make the most of those beautiful balmy nights! To make sure the night is memorable, here’s our guide to throwing the perfect outdoor dinner party.


Without the food, a ‘dinner party’ is just a party. Nailing this part is definitely in the preparation, that way you aren’t stressing out and you can enjoy the evening with your guests. Light summery foods like salads, cold meats, dips and breads are always a hit on a hot night. Also aim to ensure dietary requirements are catered for; find out beforehand if anyone has intolerances, or make sure you have a few options of everything so you cover all bases. And don’t forget ice for drinks - you can never have enough ice and there’s nothing worse than hot flat drinks on a summers night!


A fun buzzing atmosphere is the key to a memorable night, and this can easily be created with the perfect music! Pick music styles to suit the crowd you are entertaining, or make sure there is a good mix for all tastes and ages. Create playlists for the night so that way all you have to do is select your playlist for that time of the night, and change as the evening progresses.

Lighting and Insect Control

Lighting is essential for an outdoor party, and although you don’t want to breakout the halogens, you want to make sure there is enough light in the area so your guests can see their way around. Dimmed bulbs, fairy lights, and candles are all great options for creating the perfect lighting. Insect control is equally as important as your lighting, because with outdoor parties, usually comes mosquitoes, flies, and other pesky bugs. Rather than fuming out your party with smelly insect repellents, light some citronella candles, or try setting up fans around the area to keep them at bay -  and this also helps keep your guests cool!   


Table Settings

Picking a full colour theme can be fun, but never underestimate clean, white dinnerware. This allows your food to be the centre of attention and gives you the chance to match with pops of colour which can be changed from party to party. Beautiful fresh seasonal flowers, teamed with pretty tea light candles are a perfect addition. Simple and classic never goes out of style.


A great way to entertain your guests is providing outdoor games for them to play. Bocce, ring toss, and jumbo Jenga are loads of fun and they provide a good icebreaker for guests to get to know each other. Have a few set up around the yard so people can play as they wish - and don’t forget your Starlettos Heel Stoppers so your heels don’t sink into the grass while throwing your bocce ball!

Hosting a party can be the highlight of the summer season, so you really want to make leave a great lasting impression. If you follow our simple steps to the perfect garden party we’re sure you'll be the talk of all your peers long after the party lights have gone out!

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