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Our Guide to Wedding Guest Attire

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There’s nothing quite as fun as heading to a wedding. The dancing, the food, and the love, it’s all so exciting! But before you let your hair down on the dance floor, you need to figure out what to wear. With so many different dress codes on invites now, it can get a bit confusing. Many factors will influence the style you should wear, like the time of the event and where it is held, so we’ve listed the most common dress codes seen on invites and what to wear!


Usually the least formal dress code, the beach wedding has the most relaxed wardrobe rules. Dressy sundress and flowy materials (like this ‘Pina Colada Maxi Dress’ from Shieke), with complimentary simple accessories. Because it’s quite a casual theme you can get away with either a long or short dress - anything that you would wear to a nice dinner in summer is going to be a great option. Avoid anything too blingy or over the top, and if the ceremony is on the sand opt for a pair of sandals rather than heels.

Garden Party

Garden weddings can have a similar vibe to a beach wedding, but you can definitely go with a little more colour and flair. Florals are always a winner, but stand out from the crowd by going with a bright floral on a dark background, like a navy or maroon. This keeps your outfit looking elegant, but gives a great pop of colour which goes great with an outdoor theme. If you prefer to stick with neutral block colours, add contrasting bright accessories or a nice pink lip to brighten the overall outfit.

Dressy Casual

This dress code can be tricky to decipher - ‘casual’ indicating something simple, but ‘dressy’ says it’s a bit more glam than your beach wedding, so what to do? Our tip, don’t over complicate things! Stick with a flowy dress, or fitted skirt matched with loose cami, and go with heels and statement jewelry. This dress from Talulah is great as it’s fitted to the body but has flowy sections and off the shoulder to keep it casual - add a pair of heels and voila!


Cocktail usually indicates that the reception will be a late afternoon or evening event, so get a bit more dressed up. This means you can go with a classic cocktail length dress (nothing shorter than just above the knees), or you can even go for a full length if the venue permits. Cocktail attire asks that you leave the flats at home and go with some nice stilettos. And don’t worry, with a pair of Starlettos Gellies gel inserts you’ll still be able to dance the night away in comfort!

Black Tie

Black tie is when you start to break out the fancy stuff! We all love to get glammed up every now and then, so this is definitely the event to do it. A mid-length, like this Shona Joy style, or full length gown is best, and formal fabrics are preferred. Go a bit more blingy with your accessories and heels to match your glamorous dress - we love these Tony Biancos. And we all know weddings can mean a long day in your heels - be prepared by keeping a pair of Crystal Slippers handy in your purse so you’ll always leave the party comfortable and looking glam!

White Tie

Ok ladies, time to bring out the big guns - white tie is the fanciest there is. Floor length gowns are required, definitely nothing short or informal. Leave the pastels and florals at home, and try a statement colour in a structured, glamourous cut. Make sure your hairstyle also matches, so go with an elegant up-do or curls full of volume.

With all the excitement of a wedding, the last thing you want to be doing is stressing that you haven't nailed the dress code - but if you follow these tips you’ll be able to go with 100% confidence!

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