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Start Fresh For 2018, Our Top Tips To Declutter Your Closet

“New year, new you” - it’s a saying we all say or hear, but let’s be honest, it usually comes with the guilt of knowing you won’t stick to many goals you set. So rather than aiming for something drastic to start off the year, like exercising 7 days a week and go on a kale diet, maybe start with a goal that’s a bit more achievable but equally as satisfying: decluttering your wardrobe. Having a clean wardrobe can give you that fresh start feeling to get you focused on the bigger things you are wanting to achieve. But where to start!? We all are guilty of hoarding certain items and it can be really hard to let go of our clothing, so to help you get there, here are our tips for decluttering your wardrobe.

Throw Away Items You No Longer Feel Good In.

A full wardrobe may look and sound appealing, but if it’s full of clothes you never wear, than it’s just a waste of space. We all like to hold on to items we think we will like or fit into again (like that dress you bought when you first turned 18), but it’s time to honestly answer the question “will I ever wear this again”. If you haven’t worn something in 12 months because you no longer feel good wearing it, avoid it because it’s too much hassle to clean, or it doesn't fit into your signature style - than its time to say goodbye! If you have pieces that you just really can’t bear to part with, store these items away out of sight so it's not taking up space for things you actually wear.

Quality Rather Than Quantity

Rather than keeping 10 pairs (or more…) of cheap heels, try having a few good quality ones in basic colours that go with everything, like black, tan, and white. This rule also applies for your wardrobe essentials, like jeans and coats - a few good quality pieces that stand the test of time are better than constantly replacing and filling your closet with cheap pieces that don’t last as long. And to ease your mind about ruining expensive clothes and accessories, don’t forget to use things like leather protector sprays, Starletto Heel Protectors, and dust bags to ensure you are helping them last and look better for longer.

Versatility Is Key

Along with quality made items, versatile pieces are also key to keeping your wardrobe clutter free. Try to buy or keep things that can be re-worn multiple ways with different accessories to change it up. Buying pieces that can be dressed up or down is perfect, that way you can use for day or night, and items that can be layered are great for wearing all year round - eliminating the need to buy a new wardrobe every time the season changes. If you find that all your essential items are looking a bit monotone then use bright accessories to give pops of colour to your outfit.

Declutter Regularly

Although cleaning out your closet is a great New Years resolution, a great tip to keeping your wardrobe tidy is to filter through constantly during the year. Have a box or spare laundry hamper handy and go through your items every 3-4 months and put what is no longer needed aside ready to take to the donation bin. Sorting through your clothes on a regular basis prevents it from becoming a huge job that you keep putting on the bottom of the to-do list!

Throwing clothes away is a frightening task for most of us, and it is usually driven by that one thought of “but what if I want to wear it again one day”, knowing full well that we won’t. We can guarantee you will feel great with your clutter-free

cupboard - plus, if you accidentally get rid of too much, what a better excuse to go for a shopping trip!?

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