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Starlettos Blog — How to dress for an outdoor wedding

How To Get The Most Out Of One Wedding Outfit (USA)

How to dress for an outdoor wedding Wedding USA

For many of us, being invited to more than one wedding a year can put quite a bit of strain on the old pocket book. If you are faced with more than one wedding invite this year, here are a few tips to get good use out of one dress – by switching things up a little at each wedding.• The Dress: First you have to find a stunning solid-colored dress that is perfect for your figure. The solid color is key, as you will be using it as the canvas to switch things up at each wedding using bright...

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Suit Up Ladies - Outdoor Weddings Are All the Rage! (USA)

How to dress for an outdoor wedding Outdoor Wedding Tips Spring fashion

The elegant outdoor wedding is all the rage for 2015, which means precarious venues filled with lawns, fields and treacherous gravel paths. It’s time to suit up and be prepared to look elegant without twisting an ankle as you try to gracefully trudge about on the lawns and pathways of the finest wedding venues across America!Here are a few things to prepare you for an outdoor wedding: Be Prepared to Participate: Embracing some of this year’s trends could mean having to whack a ball in a playful game of croquet or be forced to endure penetrating sun while the bride...

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