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The Best DIY Ways To Pamper Your After-Party Feet

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Without realising it, our feet do a lot for us by doing most of the ‘foot work’ in getting us from A to B…excuse the pun! But seriously, from walking, jogging, climbing stairs and dancing, our feet get put under a lot of stress. On top of that, we also love to wear a great pair of heels! And although they obviously look amazing, after a long day or a big event they can cause the balls of your feet to hurt, give you blisters and put a strain on your ankles. So don’t wait until your feet are in...

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Tips for Having Summer Sandal Ready Feet

Outdoor fashion tips Summer sandal feet

Summer brings the perfect weather that demands smooth, sexy feet. From flip flops on the beach to sexy strapless shoes for dancing the night away, sandal-ready feet are a must from Memorial Day through to Labor Day. Pedi Ready If you are looking for ways to keep your feet looking gorgeous all summer long, follow these foot beauty “steps”: Soak your tender tootsies in some nice warm water to help soften up the calluses before you work them over with your pumice stone. Skin will come off a lot easier once it is softened up. There are some handy little...

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What We Can Learn About Footwear From The Kentucky Derby (AUS)

Kentucky Derby Fashion Outdoor fashion tips

They might be in a different hemisphere,  but they are not on the other side of fashion sense. When it comes to making the right footwear choices for a trip to the races, here are what the gals at the U.S.’s Kentucky Derby have to share: Fashion Sense No self respecting fashionista would be caught dead wearing flats just because of a surface challenge. You want to go with the shoes you love and that match your outfit. Throw comfort and caution to the wind and put your best foot forward. Fit and Fashion Make sure your shoes are the right...

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