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Embracing Vintage Charm for Lawn Party Elegance

Lawn Party Vintage Vintage Wedding

  Bring on the vintage charm at your next outdoor spring party for a distinctly high fashion feel that will have heads turning and whispers of “Who’s that girl?’ being murmured in your wake. ”A” xceptionally Elegant The classic vintage A-Line skirt brings a look that is brilliantly distinct and feminine. It is a throw back to simpler times and the style fits perfectly with this year’s desirable cinched waist. The movement of the A-line is sensual yet elegant, accenting all the right places as you set out to mingle. Pencil Sharp For a far sharper look, go with a...

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Invited to a Rustic Wedding? Here’s What to Wear (USA)

outdoor wedding rustic vintage wedding

A huge trend in U.S. weddings is the “rustic chic” venue where brides and grooms are tying the knot amidst unexpected surroundings such as abandoned summer camps, ranches and gussied-up barns. If you have been invited to a rustic wedding it might be a little hard to decide what to wear. You want to look like a guest while avoiding taking a tumble from the hay loft! Here are some tips on what to wear to a rustic wedding: Don’t Abandon Pretty First and foremost don’t think you have to abandon that pretty look just because the wedding is ‘rustic’....

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