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The Best DIY Ways To Pamper Your After-Party Feet

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Without realising it, our feet do a lot for us by doing most of the ‘foot work’ in getting us from A to B…excuse the pun! But seriously, from walking, jogging, climbing stairs and dancing, our feet get put under a lot of stress. On top of that, we also love to wear a great pair of heels! And although they obviously look amazing, after a long day or a big event they can cause the balls of your feet to hurt, give you blisters and put a strain on your ankles. So don’t wait until your feet are in pain to show them some love, these great DIY ways to pamper your feet are exactly what they have been waiting for, without the expensive price tag!


There’s nothing better than giving your feet a long soak after a hard day, and it’s super easy to do at home. Prepare some lukewarm water in a bucket and add some Epsom salts with and an essential oil like lavender or peppermint. If you’d prefer something without a scent just use the Epsom salts without the essential oils and soak for 15 minutes. If you really want to feel like you’re being pampered put on a face mask while your feet are soaking and grab a magazine to read - bliss!!


If the skin on your feet is dry and hard, a great way to soften them up is with exfoliation. Pumice stones are easy to use and are available at most retail stores, or you can also make your own exfoliation scrub at home. We love the sound of this Brown Sugar Scrub from the A+B Stories. Rub into your feet and massage in a generous amount, making sure to focus on the dry, tough areas. Thoroughly wash off and wrap in a moist warm towel and rest for 15 minutes. Remove, dry and then apply a moisturizer.

On-The-Go Pampering

They say that prevention is better than a cure, and this couldn't be more true when it comes to our feet - especially when wearing heels! Luckily for us, Starlettos have a whole range of accessories that help save us from the pain of looking fabulous while we are on the go. The Gellies gel inserts are a designed to relieve the pressure off the balls of your feet, and the Heel Protectors prevent you from sinking into grass and slipping on rough terrain which can cause strain on your ankles. The Crystal Slippers also come in handy after a big night in heels as you can easily slide into a pair of the slim ballet style flats - and they come in a cute purse that fits right in your clutch!


We massage our backs, necks and shoulders when we’re tense, but what about our feet? A foot massage can feel heavenly after a long week and also has lots of health benefits. A foot massage helps reduce stress, tension, and increases blood flow and circulation. With all these benefits it’s well worth learning how to give yourself a massage or have your partner give you one. Use massage oil or lotion when you massage to soften the skin on your feet and they’ll be feeling brand new!


A simple home pedicure can really do the trick to revitalise your feet, and they’ll look super glamorous afterwards! Start by removing any existing nail polish and give your feet a quick soak in some lukewarm water. Trim your nails - always cut straight across making sure they don’t dig down on the sides - and then use a cuticle remover to tidy up. Pick your favourite colour of nail polish (we love Less is Norse from OPI) and wait until dry. Once dried, rub in some cuticle oil to nourish the nail!

Our feet are one body part that can easily be overlooked and get neglected, but once you try out some of these DIY foot pamperings you’ll realize how important it is to take care of them - and how amazing they feel with just a little love!

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