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Wedding Day Must Haves For The Bride And Her Bride Tribe

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Whether you’re the bride or a part of the bride tribe, the months and weeks leading up to the big day can be stressful, but if you and the girls are ready with all the must have items, you’ll be one step ahead of any wedding day mishaps.


We all know what we need to remember – the dresses, the shoes, the jewellery…but it’s the little things that will make a big impact when they’re needed. We’ve put together a list of the most essential supplies to put in your wedding day kit.



Wedding days are a lot of work, you’ll all be running around from morning to night, so don’t forget to keep your tummies full with high protein snacks. Bridesmaids, a personal touch would be to pack some of your bride’s favourite snacks and surprise her when she gets a bit ‘hangry’.


Pocket Tissues

You can never have too many mini packs of tissues, and they can be used for tears, of course, but also for correcting make up.


Hair Ties

When it’s time to step out on the dance floor and let loose all the day’s stresses, it’s also time to let loose the locks, but sweating it out will mean wanting to tie your hair back when you take a break.


Today’s Newspaper

Surprise the bride with the day’s newspaper and suggest incorporating it into the photo shoot, seeing as it will have the date of the wedding and will leave a lasting memory with a uniquely propped photo.


Starlettos Heel Protectors

The bride and her bride tribe will last all day with Starlettos heel protectors, and be able to walk around on all terrain. The soon to released Gellies gel inserts will act as a cushion and also alleviate any aches from the day’s walking.


Pain killers

There’s nothing worse than getting a throbbing headache on the big day, especially when no one can afford to be cranky!


White Chalk

Odd? Yes. Essential? Yes! It’s great for covering up smudges on the bride’s dress, of which there will be many – who knew?


Phone Chargers

A long day ahead means making sure your mobile is topped up, so ensure your charger is in your kit – with all the photos you plan to snap, it’s definitely an essential.


Bridal Party Contacts

Keep everyone’s phone numbers handy just in case someone gets lost, you have a question to ask, or need to get to them urgently.



In today’s modern world, cash is rarely used so be sure to have some spare change available for things like vending machines, and those quick trips to the shop for one item but you find yourself being told there’s a minimum $10 spend to use eftpos.  


Handful Of Straws

Straws?! Well, you don’t want any of the girls to get their lipstick smooched off on a cup or bottle, do you?


Earring Backs

Now here’s one that a lot of brides and the bride tribe wouldn’t think about. Don’t leave everyone on their hands and knees looking for the back of an earring, when you’ve got a couple spares handy!



Sure, this comes under the ‘snacks’ category, but a couple bite sized pieces of delicious chocolate might be all that someone needs to stave off the ‘hangry’.


When you have all these essentials in your wedding day kit, for the bride and the bride tribe, you’ll be prepared for anything thrown your way.


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