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Why Starlettos Heel Protectors Are a Top Rated Product on Amazon

In 2017 Amazon was listed by Forbes as the world’s third biggest retailer. With 200 million customers, the rating system can be a great indicator of what consumers want from their products and it is a big deal to hit “Top Product” in Amazon’s categories. So at Starlettos HQ we are beyond excited that we’ve reached Top Product status in the heel protector ratings! This is a great testimony to our cute little stars, which have been integral in growing the heel protector market worldwide. Although there are many heel protectors on the market, it is exciting that customers are able to understand why Starlettos heel protectors stand out as the top of the class with their clever combination of form and function.


Quality in the Starlettos Brand

They say ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, and while this can be true, it’s important to know the difference in quality between products you’re buying. Quality is recognised as important when it comes to clothes, shoes, and makeup, and the same goes for accessories. Starlettos offer quality shoe accessories at competitive rates, and this is backed up by great customer service from a brand name that has been on the market for almost a decade.

Materials that will keep you walking tall

The combination of form and function is the beauty of Starlettos heel protectors. Customers care less about what the product is made of and more about what the benefits are - the clever patented design uses durable, flexible materials, so one pair covers most heels in your wardrobe (8-14mm width). So you don’t have to know which shoes you will be wearing to the event, or the next one – Stalrettos will fit different sizes and shapes and keep you walking tall with grace on that lawn at all your upcoming outdoor events.

Renowned Australian wedding Celebrant Rebecca Ramsay says “I love Starlettos heel protectors because they are strong and discreet in grass, and unlike other cheaper brands, I don’t find them laying around in the grass at ceremonies where they have fallen off!”

Trusted and loved brand

Everyone loves to spend wisely, and savvy shoppers know that saving money often doesn't mean buying the cheapest product. Beware the cheap heel protector! Because there are many heel protectors on the market now that are not patented, or a recognised brand, many cheaper imitations are hard plastic or limited sizes. Worst case scenario is the hard plastic scrapes your gorgeous heels, but you can also waste a lot of time and money frustratingly purchasing multiple times to fit different shoes, or because of breakages. Customers love that Starlettos offer satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy them with the confidence of knowing they will last more than one wear, and fit more than one pair of heels. Starlettos offer multipacks for your bridal party or if you are looking to cover the heels of ladies attending your outdoor event. Chanel purchase Starlettos for their renowned Little Black Jacket parties, to ensure their party goers are covered for any circumstance!

Celebs celebrate Starlettos

There’s nothing more reassuring than a company that receives positive reviews, except one that also receives positive celebrity endorsements! Starlettos are the heel protectors of the stars, worn by celebrities, like Kate Middleton’s advisor Natasha Archer, who in 2017 was photographed in Vogue protecting her wedding heels in Starlettos. The exceptional quality of Starlettos has lead to be chosen by US top rated TV show Empire’s Kaitlin Doubleday for her and her wedding guests. “This is Perfect! It worked” gushed the happy bride at her 2016 wedding. Starlettos have been delivered to many A-List Hollywood stars nominated for 2012 and 2014 Oscars and Emmy Awards, and in 2012 Broadway actress Courtney Lopez tweeted “I am loving my new Starlettos! What a cool idea”, supplying them to guests at her salubrious engagement party to now husband Mario Lopez.

The whole event is covered!

In recent years Starlettos have grown to offer a range of well designed products to keep you in glamorous comfort the whole event through. Gellies gel inserts provide a higher level of comfort for your day in heels.  Designed slightly wider than many inserts on the market, Starlettos Gellies ensure the ball of your foot is completely cushioned, and can be worn multiple times. There is a value pack of 12 if you do want one pair for each of your heels this season!

Starlettos Crystal Slippers are designed to fold into your clutch discretely, to be brought out when your feet tell you it’s time to end the night, but your heart says you must keep dancing! Crystal Slippers come folded in a purse size holder which folds out as a tote bag to carry your heels in. The secret of Crystal Slippers success is the chic rose gold and black look, with a slightly thicker sole and foldable tote, for a very competitive price point.  

When it comes to shopping, it is brilliant to know that brands selling good quality products are being recognised by customers. When it comes to protecting your favourite heels, or even saving your feet, you’re much better off investing in something you know will get the job done properly. Starlettos founder and CEO Ilde Naismith-Beeley says “In such a highly competitive market, it is very rewarding to receive such recognition from our beloved customers. Amazon is integral for our little Aussie brand to quickly reach international customers and we would not have seen such growth within our company without this online marketplace.”

Starlettos want to thank all our customers who have recognised us as the top heel protector by offering a 15% discount at by using code TOPPRODUCT (valid until 31 May 2018, no minimum order spend).

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