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Work Christmas Party Outfit Dos and Don'ts

Tis the season! December is here, and for many of us that means Christmas parties are upon us. Whether you like the people you work with, don’t like the people you work with, or a bit of both, the work Christmas party is a time we put aside our differences and come together for one important reason – free food and drinks compliments of the boss! But before you get too excited, you’ll want to make sure one of the things you regret from the night isn’t your outfit. So to make sure that doesn’t happen, here are a few general Christmas party outfit rules to follow!

DO Dress Festive or To a Theme
If the company has set a theme for the night, don’t be a Grinch and turn up without a costume on! Wearing a something in theme shows your work colleagues you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you’re a team player. If a theme for the night hasn’t been set, still participate in the festivities by wearing something with Christmas colours (think reds, greens, and whites) or even a cheesy pair of Christmas earrings, just for fun!

DO Wear Something Comfortable
There’s nothing more distracting than having to constantly re-arrange your dress, pull up your top, or walk around like a penguin because your skirt is way too tight. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes so you can have a carefree night of letting your hair down and eating as much free food as possible! And if you’re a heels type of gal, don’t forget your Starlettos Gellies so you can comfortably dance the night away.

DO Dress In Venue Appropriate Clothes
Wear clothes that are going to fit in with the venue of the Christmas party. If you are headed to a fancy restaurant or cocktail bar, it’s more than encouraged to get glammed up. However, if the venue of the Christmas party is at the office or something like a daytime wine tour, this is when you want to pare things back a little – you don’t want to be in your ball gown for cakes and tea in the lunchroom!

DON’T Wear Inappropriate Clothes
It may be tempting to wear a figure-hugging dress to show off that summer body that you’ve been working on, but remember to be mindful of the crowd you’ll be in. And the fact you’ll be back in the office with them on Monday. Try to have a longer hem if you intend to wear a strappy or backless dress, or go for a higher neckline if you want to show off your pins.

Don’t Wear Something New
Yes, the thought of not buying something new for an event might sound absurd, but trust us on this one. One of the biggest downfalls of wearing something for the first time, is you don’t know how it really feels to wear for an extended period of time. The last thing you want is to feel stressed when you realise it’s not as comfortable as it was in the dressing room! Wear a trusted outfit you know is comfortable or if you must buy something new, try to wear it out beforehand so you know it won’t be giving you grief at the work Christmas party

DON’T Over-Do Your Makeup
Even if the party is being held somewhere fancy, don’t forget there’s a difference between classy make-up, and looking like you’re hitting the clubs until 3am! Go for a simple look that can be glammed up with a bold lip, or kept casual with a nice gloss - you can’t go wrong and it’s always appropriate no matter the venue.

Different workplaces may have different views on what is “appropriate”, but no matter how relaxed your workplace may be, these Christmas party rules will ensure that your boss remembers you for your efforts in the workplace, not for your fashion faux pas.

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