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Start Fresh For 2018, Our Top Tips To Declutter Your Closet

“New year, new you” - it’s a saying we all say or hear, but let’s be honest, it usually comes with the guilt of knowing you won’t stick to many goals you set. So rather than aiming for something drastic to start off the year, like exercising 7 days a week and go on a kale diet, maybe start with a goal that’s a bit more achievable but equally as satisfying: decluttering your wardrobe. Having a clean wardrobe can give you that fresh start feeling to get you focused on the bigger things you are wanting to achieve. But where...

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Work Christmas Party Outfit Dos and Don'ts

Tis the season! December is here, and for many of us that means Christmas parties are upon us. Whether you like the people you work with, don’t like the people you work with, or a bit of both, the work Christmas party is a time we put aside our differences and come together for one important reason – free food and drinks compliments of the boss! But before you get too excited, you’ll want to make sure one of the things you regret from the night isn’t your outfit. So to make sure that doesn’t happen, here are a few...

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Hair Accessories for Every Occasion

Spring Racing Carnival

With the Spring Racing season almost done, you may have collected a few fashion items that need to be repurposed. Dresses can easily be re-worn on a night out, and same goes for heels (or Starlettos Crystal Slippers if you were well prepared for race day tradition of taking off your heels at the end of the day!), but what about your headpiece? Knowing how to repurpose, purchase, or know which event to wear them at can be tricky, so to help you out we’ve compiled a list of 9 hair accessories for every occasion! Hat Hats are perfect for...

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Natasha Archer, Personal Stylist to Kate Middleton Wore Starlettos at Her Own Royal Wedding!

celebrity wedding heels not sinking into grass high heel protectors plastic heel protectors Starlettos Wedding Day Must Haves wedding trends

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has been taking our breaths away with her charm that won over a prince, and her incredible fashion sense. But of course, we all know even a princess has a little help when it comes to looking fabulous, and the creativeness behind Kate’s exquisite look is none other than Natasha Archer. As the Duchess’s personal assistant and stylist, Natasha is one of the most influential women in fashion. In May 2017 she tied the knot to her beau, Getty’s royal photographer Chris Jackson at a private ceremony at Chateau Rigaud (a venue in Mouliets-et-Villemartin near Bordeaux). Natasha chose a classic, sleeved Jenny...

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Our Guide to Throwing the Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

Summer nights, delicious food, sparkling wine and pretty lights – sounds amazing right? These are just a few of the things that come to mind when we think of when entertaining in warmer weather. Without the burden of the cold confining us indoors, hotter temperatures are a great excuse to have friends and family around to utilise your garden for a dinner party. So dust off that outdoor dining table and make the most of those beautiful balmy nights! To make sure the night is memorable, here’s our guide to throwing the perfect outdoor dinner party. Food Without the food,...

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