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Smart Spring Looks for Outdoor Events (USA)

Spring fashion Starlettos

Spring brings sunny days and lingering evenings filled with promise. As your social calendar becomes busier with upcoming spring events you smile with the idea it is time to start introducing a few cool little outfits into your sweater-laden wardrobe. Here is how to look smart and in vogue for your spring outdoor events. Glamorous Gingham image from Gingham is all grown up with larger, bolder checks and sophisticated colors making it the rage this spring. You will also see gingham appearing on the diagonal with designers looking at it from a different angle. Gingham will appear on everything...

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Invited to a Rustic Wedding? Here’s What to Wear (USA)

outdoor wedding rustic vintage wedding

A huge trend in U.S. weddings is the “rustic chic” venue where brides and grooms are tying the knot amidst unexpected surroundings such as abandoned summer camps, ranches and gussied-up barns. If you have been invited to a rustic wedding it might be a little hard to decide what to wear. You want to look like a guest while avoiding taking a tumble from the hay loft! Here are some tips on what to wear to a rustic wedding: Don’t Abandon Pretty First and foremost don’t think you have to abandon that pretty look just because the wedding is ‘rustic’....

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Keeping Glamorous in Winter (USA)

glam winter heel protector heel stopper outdoor events soft ground in heels winter boots Winter fashion winter fashion dilemma winter heel trends

Winter season has it's own set of fashion dilemmas. Should you, wrap yourself in woollen scarves and beanie and venture out looking a little like a sherpa, or should you brave the cold in a glamorous sleeveless dress and pretend that your goose bumps are actually just from excitement? What if there's an event in heels and you need to tiptoe your way through soft ground? Keeping stylish and warm in winter can be a challenge, but at least one problem is solved by donning a pair of Starlettos on your high heels to keep walking with confidence on soft ground in heels. 

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