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Gellies - Ball of Foot Cushions Multipack (12 pairs)


  • SAVE MONEY - Gellies Multipack containing 12 individually packaged pairs
  • COMFORTABLE - Designed by women to be the most comfortable foot cushions on the market
  • NON-SLIP Surface - keeping you secure so your don't slide around
  • BREATHABLE - subtly contoured to let air circulate under your precious feet
  • REUSABLE - YES you can remove and wash Gellies in warm soapy water to re-use

Thank goodness. Finally a gell foot cushion designed by women who wear heels for...women who wear heels! How many times have you bought foot cushions only for the to slip out or sit wrongly or be too small for your feet?! No Longer! Say No to any more foot pain at weddings, graduations, formal events or ceremonies. Don't stop here. Get these for your best friend NOW and make her your BFF! We love looking glamorous we love looking gorgeous but don't make it HARD on yourself. Treat yourself to revolutionary Gellies support and Change-Your-Life! step at a time.

Multipacks are ideal if you are buying for a group of girlfriends or for an event.

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