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About Starlettos Heel Protectors

Starlettos heel protectors are designed with love to look after your beautiful shoes and prevent you sinking into grass. Slip them on your heel and the patented star-shaped form will keep them snugly in place. You will walk with stability in heels on the grass, creating a more graceful you! Enjoy the discrete design hardly visible in grass, and slip off with the complimentary pouch once it is time to move the event inside.

More about Starlettos

What are Starlettos?
Starlettos heel protectors are the revolutionary petite shoe accessory perfect for outdoor events to prevent your heels sinking in the grass, or getting caught in decking. 
How do they work?
Starlettos are designed so you can choose to wear your favourite heels at outdoor events and not sink into the lawn. Well that's Excellent!! The dual material is strong and flexible, gripping the bottom of any shaped heel, and giving you a strong wide base to walk on grass and soft ground.
Do Starlettos fit all size and shaped heels?
When Ilde designed Starlettos she looked at her high heels and noticed that they were different shapes, but usually within 8-14mm width. As a result Starlettos are designed to fit on most high heels, which are usually between 8 and 14mm (about half an inch). A quick size match is the home button of an iPhone.
Do I need Starlettos heel protectors?
Do you love high heels? Do you want to attend outdoor events in style and with dignity? If so, then Starlettos are the must have shoe accessory for you!!!
How long do Starlettos last?
Starlettos are brilliant because they can be worn many times on your heels on soft ground. Just like your heels, wearing Starlettos on hard or abrasive ground will shorten their life, so it's best to remove them when you're no longer venturing onto the grass. Over this time we expect you'll be happy that your heels remain pristine, but if you'll be happy to know that we stand by our product and offer replacements and refunds. 

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