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About Starlettos Heel Protectors

Starlettos have been lovingly designed to protect your beautiful shoes. Slip them over the bottom of your heel and their patented star-shaped form will keep them snugly in place. Worn on grass or soft ground they are hardly visible but you'll notice the difference with increased stability and comfort and sinking!

More about Starlettos

What are Starlettos?
Starlettos are a clever and stylish little shoe accessory that stop you and your heels sinking in the grass.
How do they work?
Starlettos grip to the bottom of your heel to give you a wider base to walk on the grass and soft ground without making you unstable or damaging your shoes. Starlettos are quick and easy to take on and off your shoes and come with a little carry bag to keep in your handbag when you're ready to hit the dancefloor.
Do Starlettos fit all heels?
Starlettos are designed to fit on most stilleto style heels, which are usually between 8 and 14mm (about half an inch). A quick size match is the home button of an iPhone.
Do I need them?
If you're taking your beautiful high heels onto grass and you'd like to protect them and your dignity then yes!
How long do Starlettos last?
Starlettos are designed to be worn up to six times on a standard heel worn on soft ground. Just like your heels, wearing Starlettos on hard or abrasive ground will shorten their useful life, so it's best to remove them when you're no longer venturing onto the grass. If you have any trouble with them then just return them for a full refund or a replacement pair. Your choice!