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About Us

The Starlettos Story

I love shoes, and I loved my outdoor wedding in the Blue Mountains, just outside Sydney, Australia - but of course I picked a ceremony and reception on a lawn and a photo session that involved grass, gravel and climbing over rocks. I had no idea how I was going to be able to wear the shoes of my dreams without serious damage to myself, let alone my heels!  So many friends had the same problem, but we found no solution. 

It wasn't easy getting from idea to concept to product. Starlettos were finally born after years of designing and testing, and I am excited that they are now available to you. You can buy them Here or at locations all over Australia from one of our wonderful retail partners.

Suddenly those sky-high shoes you love to wear are back in contention for outdoor events! Better still, you don't run the risk of ruining them the first time you wear them.

But what exactly are Starlettos? 

Shaped like a small flower, Starlettos are small, temporary and very discreet attachments that cup the bottom of your heel, increasing the surface area to the ground so that when you wear your heels on grass they don’t sink and get damaged. 

Your stiletto heels fit snugly and securely into the star-shaped hole at the centre of the five petals, which is the ‘star’ in the Starlettos. The star’s shape and elasticity is perfect for heels of different shapes and sizes, from 8mm across to about 14mm across. In inches that's about 0.31" to 0.57". After use, you can simply slip them off and your heels will be as pretty as they were before you took them onto the grass.

We made a little video about them...

And Why are Starlettos® Different From Any other Heel Protector?

The main and important difference between Starlettos® and other heel protectors is that Starlettos®are a patented product. They have been through years of testing, to determine their unique and totally novel approach to keeping your heels safe from sinking into the ground while remaining discreet and almost invisible when worn on grass. If you're wearing a beautiful pair of Louboutins or gorgeous Choos, you don't just want to stick a stopper on the end of them like you're wearing a pair of walking sticks! Do you? Starlettos are tiny organic floral stars that cup only the bottom of your heel and nestle right into the grass. Our patents and trademarks ensure that no-one else can make or supply heel protectors using this unique design. And that's also why we're the only heel protectors to have had an Emmy® AND two TWO Oscar® nominations! Oh yes. Starlettos® are genuinely the heel protectors of the Stars. 

With every pair of Starlettos, you also receive a gorgeous satin carry pouch that allows you to remove your Starlettos without getting your hands dirty. Once Starlettos have served their purpose for your occasion, just pop them in your purse and party away!

With Starlettos on your wedding heels you also reduce the risk of tearing a hole in your gown with those fabulous Jimmy Choos when you get out of the car. (Yes, that happens!) 

I love that our customers are able to stand elegantly in heels outdoors. And I am so happy that you can now make Starlettos your style secret too!

Enjoy your day...and walk tall!


Ilde xx



Author: Ilde Naismith-Beeley, Creator and CEO Starlettos