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The secret to confidence on your big day

Make your wedding standout (but not on Youtube from tumbling down the aisle! )

Every bride dreams their wedding will be the ultimate love story. The secret to being fully present in the day with your loved ones are the clever bits of preparation that help you avoid mishaps. Picturesque outdoors, the aisle, decking and photo locations can all be a minefield of disasters in the amazing wedding heels you’ve handpicked for the day!


Luckily, with the cute range of Starlettos products, you can glide through weddings with confidence as the bride, bridesmaid or a wedding guest. Starlettos have the secret shoe accessories to make your day the magical affair you deserve!

Your venue is breathtaking so your heels need support ✓

The most picturesque settings are often outdoors, but tricky terrain doesn’t need to affect your exquisite wedding heels. Starlettos are designed to give brides and their well heeled guests confidence to tackle any venue in style. Pop a pair of Starlettos on to protect your heels and prevent you sinking into the ground, and navigate the stunning venue with the poise of Kate Middleton’s advisor Natasha Archer (who, of course, wore Starlettos at her wedding!)

Your wedding should be enjoyed in comfort and style ✓

Your big day is hours of memory making, wearing those perfect shoes (which compliment your dress and add touch of classy seductiveness). But being on the tips of your toes all day can challenge any heel connoisseur. Luckily, Starlettos offers a super comfy and well-shaped gel insert designed to slip into your shoes to cushion you as you walk, dance and generally bask in love all day! For ultimate ball of the foot comfort grab a pair of Gellies gel inserts today.

Treat your bride tribe ✓

Your bride tribe deserves to be spoilt too! Our Starlettos, Gellies and Crystal Slippers all make the perfect addition to your bridesmaid giftboxes.

We have value multipacks to make things even easier!

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