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How Starlettos Work

The unique marriage between form and function is the beauty of the Starlettos design.

How They Stop Your Heels Sinking 

Narrow heels sink because no matter how well you are doing with that gym membership, they have to carry your whole weight on a teeny tiny point. 

So you can probably guess that Starlettos make that teeny tiny point a bit bigger - about 6 times bigger in fact. The reason that stops you sinking is something to do with pressure - but we hate pressure so we think it's just common sense.

How They Stay On

Great so they stop you sinking, but what keeps them on your heels? No use if they fall off right?
Relax, you don't have to glue them on and you can pull them on and off easily. They stay on because they are made of a springy material that grips tightly and the star shape in the middle fits around any kind of heel.  

They fit most narrow heels but are specifically designed for heels between 8mm and 14mm across.

How Long They Last

Well that varies. Starlettos are designed to let you wear your heels on soft ground without sinking. Worn like that we recommend them for up to ten outing - so they should last you a whole season of outdoor events. Of course you can wear them on hard ground too but they will wear down more quickly.
When you are wearing them on hard ground, the non-slip sole gives extra grip to avoid slipping. Starlettos can be worn at home and to parties to protect wooden and vinyl floors from unsightly heel indentations.

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Legal Information

Starlettos are designed to protect most slim heels from damage caused by sinking in soft ground. Customers should take extra care if choosing to use Starlettos on unusually soft ground or with particularly fragile or easily damaged heels. Starletto accepts no responsibility  or liability for any loss or damage to heels that occurs while Starlettos are being worn. 

Starlettos® is a registered trademark in Australia, the USA, Canada and the European Union

Starlettos is the subject of patent protection in Australia (Standard Patent Number AU2009276306 and Certified Innovation Patent Number AU2011101370) and in New Zealand (Patent Number 591218). Starlettos is also Patent Pending in multiple other jurisdictions.