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Crystal Slippers Wholesale


Every Cinderella has her midnight and sometimes it's just time to kick off those heels and get home as fast as you can before the magic wears off. Prince Charming might be there to carry you all the way in his arms ...but just in case he's feeling a little tired Starlettos brings you Crystal Slippers - folding Cinderella ballet flats to whisk you home from the event in comfort and style

Designed with princesses in mind, these tiny little flats come with you to the event tucked away in a beautiful purse sized wallet and at the end of the night when your feet and Louboutins are in need of a trial separation, you simply slip them off, slide into your Crystal slippers and then open out the wallet and voila - you have a bag to pop your heels into and you don't have to look like this! 

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